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Bridget Ginty: Believe. Become. Be.

Favourite Colour: White - clothes, walls, bedding ...

My One Vice: Only one! I blurt! I get a random thought in my head that is just so awesome I blurt it out.

Hobbies: Walking my tiny dogs, shopping, reading, gardening. Card carrying CAMRA member. Love my real ales. Random road trips to random places. I drove to Oxford to collect a box of frogs! (truth)

Where I find my bliss: Travelling.

Random fact: I went to China for 40 minutes.

My one challenge: Punctuality!

Life Mantra: Always carry a spare.

Favourite Food: Sea-food, not fish, gambas pil pil, snow crab, prawn cocktail – so 1970’s!

Next Bucket List Item: Sky dive or learn to dance the Argentine Tango.

Favourite Film: Cool Runnings.

Most used phrase: Anglitski Proseim!

Most heard phrase: You’ve got such good energy.

Described by BFF: you’ve got more neck than a giraffe.

Favourite Music: Jazz – Tom Waites – Nighthawks at the Diner.

Most played when working: Toby Keith.

Theme Tune: Love over Gold by Dire Straits.

See The Change You Want to Be

I have many friends, many speak a different language to me, many are of a different social class, many are older or younger than me. I feel it is important to surround yourself with good people. This is how you grow.


I have vast experience in the caring profession as a mental health nurse and a trained counsellor. During my personal and professional life. I have experienced anxiety, PTSD, bullying, panic attacks, abuse, grief, negative thoughts and beliefs. A series of stressful life events which in turn lead to a full breakdown.


After a period of travelling and experiencing life in an Ashram on mainland Malaysia, I turned my life of food and drink around. This was my journey and my recovery. Everyone's journey is different, and it is important not to judge a person by the chapter that you walk in on. It is no exaggeration to say that it not only saved my life but changed my life.

I had to do the work but was supported every step of the way. I was introduced to various techniques and practices. All of which were safe, comfortable and useful and that I could practice independently. I now use and teach these techniques to others enabling them better to manage the emotional stress of everyday life.

If you are out of kilter, I can rebalance you.
If you can’t find the words your body will speak your mind.
Uniquely placed for your mind, body and spirit.


BE The Change
You Want to See!

I have always maintained that I wanted to do good rather than well and that I wanted to touch on people’s lives and make a positive difference.

I began teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I qualified in both TESOL and TEFL I continue to offer this 1:1 private English tuition as well as working as a volunteer teacher for PARCA - Peterborough Asylum Seeker and Refugee Community Association.

The pull towards delivering high quality care to others with Mental Health Issues, which had led me to be a Mental Health Practitioner and CPN, was still strong. I acknowledged this pull and studied and practiced hard to provide Holistic Health care for ALL.

I trained studied and am experienced as a Spiritual Life Coach Certificated by The Centre of Excellence with a distinction.

I am certificated and accredited in:

  • Reiki

  • Reflexology

  • Massage

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Crystal Therapy


Treatments for you to enjoy and reap the benefits of.


 Never Stop Learning Because
Life Never Stops Teaching


1988 – Registered General Nurse RGN – Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

1991 – Registered Psychiatric Nurse RMN – Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

2000 – Therapeutic Work with Individuals – Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)

2000 – Counselling Studies – ENB – A68 – English National Board. Homerton College, Cambridge School of Health Studies.

June 2004 – Working with Survivors of Abuse and Trauma – Cambridge & Peterborough Mental Health Partnership Trust.

September 2009 – Respect for People – Equality and Diversity Programme – NHS Core Learning Unit.

July 2010 – Teaching and Assessing NMC / ENB 998. (Sign off Mentor) Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust.

March 2010 – Working with People with Personality Disorder – Naomi Murphy & Des McVey at The Fens Unit – HMP Whitemoor.

Professional Registration Number – Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) – 85Y1494E.


December 2020 – Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma Course Level 3. Quality Licence Scheme – QLS – 04708. 1586311.

October 2020 – Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma. Centre of Excellence.

August 2020 – TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. International Open Academy. ICOES . Distinction. 100-220598.

TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language. TEFL UK . TEFLUK-6DB73883.

June 2021 – TESOL Refresher Course – (cert) TESOL – Sue Lake – City College Peterborough.

April 2016 – Reiki 1 – Lyn Bowness.

July 2016 – Reiki 2 – Lyn Bowness.

October 2016 – Reflexology Diploma – Lyn Bowness.

May 2016 – Indian Head Massage – Lyn Bowness.

January 2018 – Dowsing (basic) – Yasmin May Member of the British School of Dowsing.

October 2016 – Aromatherapy Massage – Sam Rouse.

August 2020 – Certified Crystal Practitioner. The Crystal Guild.

June 2020 – Tarot Diploma – Centre of Excellence.

Tarot Master Diploma – Online Academies – OA Dip (Tarot Master) Registration Number – OA 53176.

June 2021 – Setting up your Business. International Open Academy.​


Bridget is committed to life long learning and is currently studying:

  • Professional Diploma in Crystal Healing with The Shaw Academy.

  • Diploma in Spiritual Counselling with The Centre For Excellence.

  • Advanced Reflexology With The Kew Training Academy.

  • Character Analysis With The BSY Group (British School Yoga)

  • Crystal Aromatherapy with The Crystal Guild.

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy With David Key of Auspicium.

  • Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling – Level 3 with The Lead Academy.

  • Mindfulness Life Coaching Course – Centre for Excellence.

We have worked with:

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Enhanced DBS Checked
The TEFL org
Tesol International Association

Find me on:


"Bridget understands the components of the session plans, comes to the class prepared to teach, executes her lessons effectively and efficiently and carries out meaningful assessments for her lessons. Her support is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual student. Each student is greeted fairly and respectfully. She has a calm yet firm manner when interacting with students. She is organised and very dedicated to her volunteering position. I found her dedication and reliability to be invaluable throughout her support in PARCA."


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