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The B+ Spiritual Improvers Group

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

The B+ Spiritual Improvers Group

What is the Group About?

The B+ Group is for anyone and everyone with an interest in anything and everything Spiritual.

  • Are you struggling with your meditation practice?

  • Have you brought a set of Tarot cards or Angel Cards and are finding reading them as a whole linked spread difficult?

  • Do you own crystals but have forgotten their properties and purpose?

The B+ Group is a small, friendly group of like minded people with an interest in Spirituality. Spirituality is a belief system not a religion so the group does not meet in a church. Spaces are limited to only 8.

Facilitated by:

Julie Emerson

Psychic Medium specialising in Psychometry. The art of “reading objects” = Who did they belong to? What imprints can be sought by holding them? What message do they have?

Bridget Ginty

Believes that everything is matter and matter vibrates and pulses and the Universal Life Force Energy is ever present around us, eves dropping on our thoughts, feelings and desires and conspires to make it so.

When do you meet?

The B+ Group meets weekly on Sunday’s 3-5pm. Tea and Coffee is provided.


8 Pheasant Grove





Off David’s Lane.

Nearest bus stop is Twelve Trees Avenue. Walk across the road and in the back of Pheasant Grove.

Please ring the bell on the gate.


£5.00 per person, per week. 6 sessions for the price of 5 if booked and paid for in a block.

Payable via PayPal on Eventbrite.

Voyage of discovery

The spiritual based workshops are in 6 week blocks. Each week a different topic is explored, building upon the previous weeks voyage of discovery, building upon your skills, knowledge and experience. It’s very relaxed, informal, warm and we all endeavour to make it fun! You will be using the skills, you don’t yet know you have! To enrich your internal and external world. In-depth knowledge and increased personal growth.

You will be encouraged to share with the group, and to draw upon from the group, the wealth of skills, knowledge and experience that is abundant within. Within yourself and within the group.

“We are all still learning, because life keeps giving us lessons”.

The group takes the format of a Closed Spiritual Circle. In that we sit in Circle. There is an opening prayer, inspirational reading or invocation. Calling upon our Spiritual Guides and Helpers, Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, Those who have Gone Before, Ancient Gods and Goddesses and the Elementals. A Circle of Protection is invoked around us, as individuals and for the group as a whole as we work. The group is then closed with feedback on the journey, a prayer, or other expression of gratitude.

Spiritual Based Workshops – 6 Week Blocks

Meditation - Weeks 1-6

Week 1 = 19/3/23 = General overview. Meditation. Where are you at?

Week 2 = 26/3/23 = Sensory Meditation. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

Week 3 = 02/4/23 = Ribbons. Make your own Ribbon Reader. Learn how to work with colour.

Week 4 = 9/4/23 = Past Life Meditation.

Week 5 = 16/4/23 = Auras and how to see / sense them.

Week 6 = 23/4/23 = Spirit Guides and Soul Purpose.

Using Tools Weeks 7-12

Week 7 = 30/4/23 = Guided Meditation.

Week 8 = 07/5/23 = Crystals.

Week 9 = 14/5/23 = Introduction to Tarot.

Week 10 = 21/5/23 = Giving Messages. The rights and wrongs.

Week 11 = 28/5/23 = Psychometry.

Week 12 = 04/6/23 = Philosophy.

Using Spirit Weeks 13 – 18

Week 13 = 11/6/23 = Automatic Writing.

Week 14 = 18/6/23 = Dreams and Reoccurring Dreams.

Week 15 = 25/ 6/23 = The 7 Main Chakras.

Week 16 = 02/7/23 = Holistic Health and Healing.

Week 17 =09/7/23 = Karma and De Ju Vue.

Week 18 = 16/7/23 = Mirror Scrying. Table Tilting.

Proposed Spiritual Based Workshops include:

  • Advancement in Tarot

  • Remote Viewing

  • Astral Projection

  • Spirit Guides and Companions

  • Spiritual Based Healing

  • Russian Doll Parcels

  • Other faiths, belief systems and Religions

  • Angels and Archangels

  • Synchronicity

  • Random Acts of Kindness

  • Getting a Parking Space

  • Affirmations & Manifesting

  • Making a Vision Board

  • Dowsing and Pendulum Work

  • K.I.S.S = Going back to basics!

Believe - In Spirit. A higher power. The Universal Life Force Energy.

Become - Aligned with your higher self. Enlightened.

Be - Blessed with the highest and the best.

Get booked on:

Secure your place. Limited to only 8 spaces.

Need more info?

Julie Emerson -

Bridget Ginty -


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