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Tarot Reading



  • Are you looking for a traditional basic intuitive reading to help you get the answers?

  • I can help you tap into a higher perspective and get the messages you need to hear for your highest good. 

  • Let's connect with The Universal Life Force Energy to get the comfort and reassurance you seek with a personal message.

  • If you are ready to leave the confusion behind and find peace and direction let's chat.

  • I read Tarot Cards. I “tap in” to the Universal Life Force Energy and your particular vibrations on that day. Using these energies I am able to “see” into areas of your life, that The Universe wants to give you a “heads up” on. 

  • These may be issues, people or situations that you are already aware of and feel that you have dealt with, yet, the reading will show -that energy flows where attention goes. Thus, it may become apparent that energy is going into issues, people or situations that no longer serve you.

  • Highlighting areas that you may need to pay attention to, address, embrace or reject.

  • Before I start I, out of respect, ask The Universe if it is safe and appropriate to do a reading at this time for you. I do this using a pendulum – it shows me a clear “yes” or “no”. (more on pendulums and Dowsing later).

  • After you have imprinted your energy and intent upon the cards. The Universe is always “eves dropping” on your actions and intentions and this allows me to “see” and often “feel” your energy.

  • Ten cards are then chosen by yourself and handed to me one at a time face down.

  • I then look at them one at a time and simply say what I see. The best way I can describe this is that I get images float past my eyes and it is then my responsibility to convey these images to you as accurately as I possibly can. These images can be strong but fleeting so I need on occasion to be blunt as I find a description to convey what I am seeing in to a form that you’ll understand. Generally, these descriptions mean nothing to me – they are not for me, this is your reading of your energy, at that moment in time.

  • Let’s be very clear here – I am connect with The Universal Life Force Energy. Everything is energy and vibrates and it’s these that I pick up on.

  • I DO NOT make connections with those that have passed. If you want to receive messages from those who have passed then you need to consult a SpiritualIST Medium not a Spiritual Tarot Card Reader who works intuitively and is a natural empath – such as myself.

  • Another difference, you will notice, is that I do not look at you as I do a reading. I have no idea of the expression on your face – therefore I receive no cues from you. To ensure that I give clarity, I may ask “Does that make sense to you?” or “Can you take that?” these questions only require a yes or no reply. I am not trying to draw out information from you, I just want to be as authentic, organic and pure as I can be.

  • So, these ten cards that you’ve chosen are laid out in a particular way – the Celtic Cross Spread.

  • This gives me -

  • The significator – basically are we both on the same page?

  • Crossed by – obstacles.

  • Crowned by – hanging over your head.

  • Base of the matter – what’s at the bottom of all this?

  • Current or recent past – as it says! BUT, the Universe has no concept of time. It is an imposed construct. The Universe does work in seasons and a 28 day cycle. If you want to know when exactly you’ll meet Mr Right, please see a fortune teller. All I can tell you is if a Mr Right is in the picture, the big picture.

  • Current or up and coming – again the Universe is not a clock watcher, and makes no diary appointments. However life is like an echo in that if you don’t like what you are getting back change what you are putting out.

  • (more on manifesting and affirmations to come).

  • The issue – generally this is an area of your life you need to pay attention to.

  • How others see it – generally who were with you in good times, those who put you in bad times, those who were with you in the bad times.

  • Hopes and fears – these may not be your hopes and fears, never the less, you need to know them – in order to make an informed decision as regards.....

  • If all things come to pass – we all have free will and the ability to make choices, a Tarot Reading enables you to make wise choices, choices that serve you and give the highest and best outcome for all concerned.


  • Tarot Card Readings 

  • Duration - 1 hour.

  • Cost - £20.00


  • Do you have a complex issue and want more support?

  • Integrating Spiritual Life Coaching with Tarot Reading gives you the messages you need as well as the ability to uncover limiting beliefs, shift your perspective, and move into clarity about how you want to take the information received and move forward.

  • I can help you tap into a higher perspective and get the messages you most need to hear.

  • This is for you if you know you have a lot to navigate with work, purpose, or the relationships in your life.  We'll walk through the reading and get you the messages you need to hear, and then work together to process the information received and make a game plan so you leave clear in your next steps.  

  • Let's connect with The Universal Life Force Energy and co-create with them to get the comfort and reassurance you need with a personal message from The Universe.  

  • Are you ready to remove the burden of trying to figure it out all on your own? Let's chat and get you on the path to peace and purpose. 

  • My most personalised offering is for those who are ready to embark on a voyage to change their lives.

  • Together we heal what's blocking you from embodying your higher self, activate your unique internal guidance system and empower you to make soul-centred decisions to create the life you desire.


Tarot Card Reading & Spiritual Life Coaching.

  • Duration - each session is 2 hours. 

  • A 1 hour Tarot Card reading

  • A 1 hour  analysing, talking, therapy, goal setting - to create the life you desire based upon the information and issues that the Cards relay from the Universal Life Force Energy.

  • Frequency - monthly.

  • This allows the Universe to support and observe changes and then give accurate feedback via the Tarot Card Reading.

  • Cost - £40.00 - a 1 hour reading + a 1 hour counselling session.

  • DISCOUNT- book 3 months ahead and those 3 sessions are £30.00 each.



  • You tell me what time suits both of us.

  • I create a meeting.

  • I E-Mail you the link.

  • You click on that at the start of our meeting and I admit you into our private meeting room.

  • You also get a recording of the reading.


  • Duration - 45 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Cost by Bank Transfer - £15,00

Pendulum Work and Dowsing

  • Lost something?

  • Put it away somewhere safe in your home and now cannot find it?

  • If you can bring me a floor plan of your home – or draw one. I can use the pendulum in a vertical direction then a horizontal direction over the plan and where these two lines intersect is a good place to focus your search.

  • Price on Enquiry.

  • Dowsing – is performed with rods rather than a pendulum and are used in the place where it is felt the lost object is hidden, to try to locate it. Dowsing rods are also used to cover larger areas and seek larger objects.

  • Price on Enquiry.

I do not do medical, legal, physical health or third party readings. There are no guarantees of success.



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