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1:1 English tuition

  • 1:1 private English lessons 

  • TESOL & TEFL accredited 

  • Skills modules & grammar units 

  • Games, quizzes & worksheets

Face-to-face and online English lessons including games, quizzes and worksheets to help build your confidence with speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar.

Fluency Based Modules:

  • Module 1 - All About Me! - Making small Talk

  • Module 2 - The Classroom - Asking for what you need

  • Module 3 - Food and Shopping - Getting what you want

  • Module 4 - Daily Life - Time words, Structure & Routine

  • Module 5 - Health - People and Places in Healthcare

  • Module 6 - The Local Area - Local Amenities

  • Module 7 - My Home - Types of Homes. Fixtures & Fittings

  • Module 8 - Transport - Getting Around

  • Module 9 - Friends & Family - Socialising.

  • Optional - Democracy - Life in the UK

Accuracy Based Modules:

  • Unit 1 - The Basic Elements of Reading and Writing.

  • Unit 2 - Construct Complete Sentences and Decode words using Spelling Rules.

  • Unit 3 - Use Parts of Words to Identify Meaning and find relationships between words. Read and Write Fiction.

  • Unit 4 - Classify Parts of Speech as Part of a Greater Understanding of English Grammar.

  • Using Questioning Techniques with Texts and Discussions.

  • Unit 5 - Review Grammar Rules for Capitalisation and Punctuation of Sentences.

  • Unit 6 - Knowledge of Poetry Structure.

  • Unit 7 - Identify and Use Parts of Speech And Comprehension Strategies while Reading.

  • Unit 8 - Use Knowledge of Word Parts To Identify and Use Parts of Speech.

  • Read and Interpret Details in a Story or Play.

  • Unit 9 - Use Various Strategies for Reading Fiction and Non Fiction Texts.

Online and in Person English Lessons:

  • Face to Face Lessons are 2 hours long with a break in the middle

  • Online Zoom Lessons you choose how long you want

  • Discount Available - please enquire


Schedule a Lesson

FREE 30 minute phone or Zoom call for your clarity and questions to establish how I can best serve you. Please call 07791 849852 or schedule a lesson below.


Enhanced DBS Checked
Tesol International Association


"Bridget understands the components of the session plans, comes to the class prepared to teach, executes her lessons effectively and efficiently and carries out meaningful assessments for her lessons. Her support is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual student. Each student is greeted fairly and respectfully. She has a calm yet firm manner when interacting with students. She is organised and very dedicated to her volunteering position. I found her dedication and reliability to be invaluable throughout her support in PARCA."


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