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Hi, I am Bridget Ginty. I help regular folk like you to Believe, Become and Be. I do this through Spiritual Life CoachingHolistic Treatments, Tarot Card Reading and the Spiritual Awareness Series.

If you are out of kilter, I can rebalance you.
If you can’t find the words your body will speak your mind.
Uniquely placed for your mind, body and spirit.

Ready for change? Tel Bridget on:

07791 849852

See the change you want to be,
be the change you want to see.

Spiritual Life Coaching, Holistic Treatments, Tarot Card Reading and the Spiritual Awareness Series for your mind, body and spirit.

Learn. Flourish. Succeed
Integrating Therapeutic Interventions, Talking Therapies with Holistic Healing, giving you the very best guidance and care I can. Working together I help you every step of your journey to stand in your power, stand in your truth and experience gratitude for abundance and bliss.

Spiritual Life Coaching

  • Talking therapy for self growth 

  • Take control of your life 

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs 

  • Overcome loss, change, conflict 

  • Gain clarity and direction

holistic treatments

  • Reiki & Chakra Balancing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy

  • Indian Head Massage, Massage

  • Meditations. Affirmations

  • Crystal Healing

tarot reading

  • Integrating spiritual life coaching with tarot reading.

  • Dowsing and pendulum work

  • In person and over zoom

  • Certified tarot master

  • Oracle, Angel and Tarot

Spiritual Awareness Series

  • Continue your spiritual journey 

  • Interactive in-person and/or Zoom sessions

  • Sessions include Chakras, Crystals, Meditation, Self Love and more

  • Learn in a safe space


Schedule a session with Bridget Ginty for Spiritual Life Coaching, Holistic Treatments, Tarot Reading and the Spiritual Awareness Series.


See the change you want to be, be the change you want to see.


Discovery Call
FREE 30 minute phone or Zoom call for your clarity and questions to establish how I can best serve you. Please call 07791 849852 or schedule a session below.

Schedule a Session


I have benefited a lot from the guidance and support that Bridget has provided for me. I can confidently say that I know a lot more about myself and how I have come to be the way I am than I did before I met Bridget. I thoroughly recommend talking with her! 


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