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Is It Time To Take Off The Mask?

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Is It Time To Take Off The Mask?

Are you putting on a brave face? Are you hiding how you are really feeling? Are you masking your pain?

Tears of a Clown

The face in the mirror is smothered by white.

It’s created, it lives and it dies by the night.

And everyone knows this nocturnal mask,

as Arthur, the clown, to his friends simply Art.

His face is a canvas for colours and hues,

of different disguises, changes and moods.

I don’t like this life – I don’t want this deal!

He paints on a tear, the tears are for real.

The act now commences and Art does his bit,

A professional act of miming and wit.

He cannot be like the ‘norm’ - any why?

Their lives the truth whilst he lives a lie.

The people who laugh. The people who cheer.

The people who point. The people who jeer.

The voices which mock, block voices that sigh …

But clowns are designed to laugh not to cry.

By day he is silent and nobody sees

The face without colour, powder and grease.

Only those eyes of a sad liquid brown.

Speak “I never wanted to play the clown”.

Is it time to stop hiding behind your mask?

Do you want to move into your truth?

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